What is the Community Advancement Program (CAP)?

CAP, an initiative of Community Futures Peterborough (CFP), aims to boost business attraction, investment, retention, and employment in the City and County of Peterborough by supporting projects that:

• Create community economic stability,
growth, and job creation

• Develop and diversify competitive local
rural economies

• Foster economically sustainable communities


Aligned with CFP and the Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario (FedDev Ontario) priorities, CAP focuses on advancing economic competitiveness, promoting sustainable economic development and diversification, and creating a more equitable and inclusive economy.

What kinds of projects does CAP support?

CAP seeks projects in areas like local tourism, entrepreneurship, and economic opportunities that:

• Create jobs, spark innovation, and foster inclusiveness for specific client groups (e.g., women, youth, Indigenous people, etc.) as they start, grow, or diversify their businesses

• Help small businesses adapt to changing economies and technologies

• Create partnerships with local governments, Indigenous groups, educational institutions, and community organizations

• Boost economic impact by strengthening and expanding tourism markets

• Support organizations promoting regional economic development

Who can apply?

• Individuals
• Businesses
• Non-profit organizations


• Maximum funding request: $5,000.

Geographical Eligibility

Applicants must be located within the borders of the City and County of Peterborough.

How do I apply?

Application Process

Open Date:
January 16th, 2024

Close Date:
March 8th, 2024

Applicants will be notified by April 5th

Options for Submission

Option 1:
Submit online via our website (You cannot save
your application’ and return at a later time. You
must complete and submit it in the same session).

Option 2:
Request a Word document via email at

*Please note, that when filling out the Project Expenses and Funding section of the application, you must clearly demonstrate how your project will be fully funded.

You can include your CAP funding as one of the project partners.

Apply for CAP Funding

Application Tips

To enhance your application, consider the
following strategies:

Align with Priorities: Show how your project supports CFP and the Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario (FedDev Ontario) goals like economic growth and community development.
Be Clear and Concise: Focus on your main ideas. Make your points clearly and avoid extra details.
Realistic Goals and Budget: Set achievable goals. Your budget should be detailed and match your project plans.
Sustainability: Explain how your project will continue after the initial funding.
Partnerships: Mention any collaborations with organizations or local groups. Community support makes your project stronger.
Measuring Impact: Tell us how you will track and report your project’s success.
Innovation: If your project has unique features or approaches, highlight them.
Follow Guidelines: Make sure you understand and stick to all CAP rules. This shows you can manage your project well.

Important Note: We highly recommend you explore the two documents provided in the ‘Applicant Resources’ section below: ‘External Guidelines’ and ‘Final Report Template.’ These resources are essential in assisting you in preparing a thorough and aligned application.

Project Funding and Expenses: When filling out the Project Expenses and Funding section of the application, you must clearly demonstrate how your project will be fully funded.

You can include your CAP funding as one of the project partners.

Applicant Resources

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