Do you have a business or a project that would reduce carbon emissions or waste?


Our newly launched Climate Change and Environment Fund is open to any business or attracted business in the City or County of Peterborough that applies for a loan to finance a project that would reduce carbon emissions or waste. Considerations of these projects could be:

  • energy-efficient upgrades (including capital upgrades) to reduce energy bills
  • mileage and renewable energy improvements

Considerations of circular economies could be:

  • localizing supply chains
  • buying reusable bins to replace disposable cartons, etc.

If you are looking for a loan that meets
the above criteria, reach out to our Loans
Manager, Braden Clark, and ask about
loans under our Climate Change and
Environment Fund.

Talk to Braden to get started!

Braden Clark

Hey there, I’m Braden! I provide free, one-on-one business consultations. Together, we’ll find the best solution for you and your business. No pressure to apply for financing, just friendly guidance to help you succeed.

I’m excited to chat and help your business grow!

About me

Braden’s background includes over 20 years in sales, operations, project management, entrepreneurial coaching, and financial lending. He takes care of the loan portfolio, ensuring smart investments and effective risk management.

Outside of work, he enjoys life on a small hobby farm and volunteering in the Asphodel-Norwood community.

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