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Jagadheesh Sathya Nayarana Rao

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ParkQuik is a pioneering concept that aims to revolutionize parking solutions. Spearheaded by Jagadheesh Sathya Nayarana Rao, a recent graduate of Fleming’s Global Business Management Class, ParkQuik utilizes innovative technology to solve everyday parking woes. Having an idea in mind was just the first step. The challenge lay in turning this idea into a successful startup.

The Problem:

As a recent graduate, Jagadheesh had the ambition and the vision but lacked the necessary funding to bring his idea to life. Traditional lending sources were not an option due to his recent graduate status. This left him with a great concept but no financial means to realize it.

The Solution:

Jagadheesh joined the Innovation Cluster, gaining eligibility for a unique loan program as a member. This program, a joint effort between the Cluster and Community Futures Peterborough, offers pre-approved microloans of up to $20,000. Jagadheesh capitalized on this opportunity, securing a $10,000 loan that provided the seed funding for his business. He also earmarked an additional $10,000 for marketing initiatives and the launch of his app.

Implementation & Results:

With the secured funds, Jagadheesh was able to kick-start the development of ParkQuik’s MVP. His engagement with the Innovation Cluster didn’t just stop with the funding. He further dived into Slingshot, a seven-week accelerator program by the Innovation Cluster. With the resources at his disposal, ParkQuik is now in a strong position to bring an innovative solution to the market.


“The partnership between the Innovation Cluster and Community Futures Peterborough has been transformative for ParkQuik. The financial backing and the knowledge gained through Slingshot are key elements that are bringing my vision to life. I’m immensely grateful for this incredible opportunity.” – Jagadheesh Sathya Nayarana Rao, Founder, ParkQuik


ParkQuik’s success story is an example of how partnerships between organizations like Innovation Cluster and Community Futures Peterborough can propel innovative ideas into viable startups. With their assistance, Jagadheesh is now on the fast track to make his parking solution concept a reality.

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