Community Economic Development (CED) Projects


Community Futures Peterborough supports community-based projects by collaborating with other partners to implement special initiatives that address specific challenges within the City and County of Peterborough.

To apply for funding for your project (up to a maximum of $2000) send a letter to info@cfpeterborough.ca or mail it to 351 Charlotte Street, Peterborough, ON K9J 2W1 with the following information:

  • Project Name
  • Project Description
  • Project Lead & Contact Information
  • # of Peterborough County residents impacted
  • # of Peterborough County businesses impacted
  • # of Peterborough County non-profit organizations impacted
  • # of Project Collaborators
  • Names of all Project collaborators
  • Total project cost (funding from all sources)
  • $ Request from the Peterborough CFDC


CED Projects Supported By Community Futures Peterborough:


Vital Signs

Greater Peterborough’s Vital Signs is a collaborative community initiative led by the Community Foundation of Greater Peterborough.  It is an annual snapshot of our community that measures the vitality of Greater Peterborough, identifies needs, strengths and trends, and supports actions on issues that are critical to our quality of life.

For a copy of the 2014 Greater Peterborough Vital Signs report, visit:



Newcomer Entrepreneur of the Year Award

In addition to the New Canadians Centre gala event is an opportunity to honour a newcomer entrepreneur in the greater Peterborough area. 

For more information about the Newcomer Entrepreneur of the Year Award visit:



 World Of Choices

Junior Achievement celebrates the World of Choices available to young women in Peterborough. More than 100 young women in grades 10 and 11 will  learn from local women career mentors in our round table career forum – essentially, a speed dating for careers!

Throughout the morning, students circulate through 5 sessions where they meet and interact with women from different careers possibilities. At each table, career mentors will do a short presentation about their job, including information about how they chose their career and what steps it took to get there.

Students will be exposed to:

A variety of career possibilities, the training and education required, and a glimpse into what a typical day looks like on the job.
The goal is to have students leave this forum excited about their future, and better equipped to meet the challenges of today’s work world! The event will help prepare them to capitalize on career opportunities in emerging traditional and non-traditional fields.



We now depend on the Internet for everything from entertainment and business to education and health services. It is so essential that even the United Nations has declared Internet access a human right.

But not all Internet access is created equal. Many people in Eastern Ontario have slow Internet connections that don’t support today’s innovations. That’s why the Eastern Ontario Wardens’ Caucus created EORN. Our mission is to provide higher speeds and bandwidth to at least 95 per cent of homes and businesses in Eastern Ontario. The network has been built with the support of federal, provincial, municipal, and private sector partners.

EORN includes:

A 5,500-km network of new and existing fibre optic cable, with 160 new access points for Internet Service Providers.
High-speed Internet services for residents and businesses through wired, wireless or satellite technology, depending on the best fit for the area. EORN has negotiated with Internet service providers to increase coverage area, bandwidth and speed, therefore bridging the urban-rural price gap.


Celebrate Havelock 

Approximately 1000 visitors attended the 8th annual ‘Celebrate Havelock’ trade fair that featured and promoted the many local businesses and community organizations in Havelock-Belmont-Methuen Township.