Greater Peterborough Business Development Centre Inc.






Business Development Manager (BDM)



Reports to and works under the direction of the Executive Director and liaises with Loans Committee Chair.



BDM provides administrative and consulting support to business clients; efficiently and effectively administer the processes and services of the Corporation within the Policies and Guidelines approved by the Board of Directors and directed by the Executive Director.



  • Serves as the B.D.M. for CFP
  • Administers the general day to day operations of the Investment Portfolio and all clients
  • Provides business information and consulting services to clients



  1. With Executive Director

Receives direction, guidance and encouragement; discusses plans and priorities

  1. With Other Staff

Works in a spirit of cooperation and teamwork with other staff

  1. With Clients, Prospects and Business Community

Liaises on behalf of CFP in a positive and proactive manner with all current and prospective clients, as well as representatives of the business community, public sector and planning and economic development agencies.

  1. With Board and Loans Committee

Presents new and renewal applications to the Loans Committee and/or Board of Directors.  Provides program leadership and consulting skills in pursuit of heightened investment portfolio development as directed by Board sanctioned policies and objectives.



  1. Business Consulting
  • Provides community leadership and operational support in the facilitation of the consultative processes necessary to integrate and harmonize the strategic goals of CFP.
  • Provides business counselling and advice to business owners on business plans and development, loan application analysis and monitoring and promoting self-employment in a proactive manner.
  • Provides objectives and independent third party advice and assistance to parties interested in the economic infrastructure of the community.
  • Proactively seeks to utilize the Investment of the Corporation’s financial and other resources in the creation of employment opportunities of the community.


  1. Investment Services

 Responsible for performing initial loan inquiries and credit investigations, maintains all loan records, including the tracking and reporting procedures for all loans.

  • Performs the loan collection process, including, but not limited: to the processing of the loan payments; providing receipts; calculation of penalties and interest; the preparation of the Loan Delinquency Reports; preparation of Request for Payment notices; loan collections, small claims court filings and the organization, posting and balancing of loan accounts.
  • Ensures registration of and full compliance with: loan security documents, client reporting, and accuracy of loan files and file summaries/reports.
  • Reviews and analyzes client financial statements and business plans in depth; provides advice and assistance for same; advises Executive Director on status of statements; annual review and monitoring of client files, updated financial statements and supporting documentation.
  • Provides general counselling services relative to business management and related issues.


  1. Other Duties
  • Provides leadership and operational support in the development of the Corporation’s strategic planning process.
  • Provides the Loans Committee and Board of Directors with regular reports to the achievement of its objectives and suggests variations, as circumstances and best practices dictate.
  • Provides policy advice to the Loans Committee and Board of Directors on business and operational matters affecting CFP’s pursuit to the responsibilities mentioned above.
  • Performs other responsibilities that may be reasonable assigned to the position by the Executive Director.
  • As necessary, cross-trains and supports other functions with in the office, which may be outside of the identified responsibilities of the position.



  • Usual public office conditions; work is in view of the public with frequent public contact and is subject to tight deadlines and interruptions.
  • Work is subject to unusual and unscheduled hours.
  • Work will be occasionally off site at township offices
  • Work is highly confidential and requires utmost tact and discretion.
  • Work has responsibility for providing leadership in the development and maintenance of a positive, proactive and supportive communication environment with the community.



  • Position requires a Business Degree or equivalent and 3-5 years of relevant experience.
  • Positon requires an in-depth knowledge of the participants, policies and procedures inherent in the various economic development stakeholders in the community.
  • Position requires extensive experience in a variety of business environments, lending and collection procedures
  • Position requires high-level interpersonal skills in using Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, Windows and PowerPoint, Adobe Acrobat and various internet browsers.
  • Position requires a clean driving record, the ability to travel using a personal vehicle throughout Peterborough County.
  • Position requires a credit check and police check
  • Positive, proactive, common sense and sense of humour



Errors (information, accounting and judgement) could result in confusion, misinformation given to the Executive Director; Board of Directors; government agencies and the public, and could result in financial loss and/or unfavourable public relations.



Directly supervised by the Executive Director under the direction of the Board of Directors and/or the Board Chair.


Application deadline is January 17, 2020.  Please submit a resume and cover letter to