Injection molding manufacturer Bridgenorth Molds expands operation, employs local expertise

Although they may not know it, many people who use plastic houseware products have relied on Bridgenorth Molds Inc.

Since its humble beginnings in 1984, the injection molding manufacturer has provided precision design and molding tools for major brands in the plastics industry, such as molds for kettles and hot dog cookers in the early years of operation, and now focuses on complex engineering parts for the auto industry, as most of the consumer products have been off-shored. 

Bridgenorth Molds Inc. is now known as Bridgenorth Molds RB Manufacturing Inc. after acquiring RB Manufacturing and purchasing the larger building in June of 2018.

Known for solving complex molding challenges, Bridgenorth Molds RB Manufacturing Inc. combines skilled craftsmanship with state-of-the-art computer-aided design and manufacturing software and equipment. It has earned them a reputation for on-time, custom molds and long-lasting customer relationships in Peterborough and the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

The company has a strong commitment to providing the highest level of quality for all products, manufactured to defined specifications as well as a Quality Management System, which is why they are proud to be ISO 9001:2015 certified and have been for the past 14 years.

President Carl Campion says his company was built on the strength of its skilled staff, the trust of its customers, and its high-quality products that satisfy customer expectations and exceed their requirements.

“We continually work with our employees to ensure they are up-to-date with industry trends and new equipment,” says Campion, who began his career as a toolmaker with Bridgenorth Molds in 1988 for then owner, Irwin Peking.

“It shows in the quality of products we produce for our customers, who put their confidence in us and our manufacturing experience.”

Bridgenorth Molds RB Manufacturing Inc. sells directly to Ontario plastics companies, specifically Ritz Plastics and DynaPlas Ltd. and its complex plastic parts are used in important performance applications.

Its Peterborough-area facility includes an office, a tool shop, and a manufacturing plant, totalling 9,500-square-feet. The space also holds 25 machines that are involved in the manufacture of injection molding tools, as well as custom machining for customers such as Rolls Royce, PepsiCo, Dynacast, and Siemens.

Injection molding produces parts in large volume and is by far the most versatile of all molding techniques. With optimal production efficiency in mind, Bridgenorth Molds RB Manufacturing Inc. uses careful engineering, planning, and computer-generated volume calculations to ensure exact overflow and fill levels, which are crucial to producing a quality mold.

Today, Bridgenorth Molds RB Manufacturing Inc. employs ten staff, who are highly-skilled tool and die makers, and continues to be guided by its founding principles of a mission to innovate and a determination to do things in the industry that other companies in the region can’t.

“Over the last five years, we have invested over half a million dollars in new equipment and have become the only premium mold-making shop this side of the GTA,” says Campion.

Bridgenorth Molds RB Manufacturing Inc. no longer has the need to outsource to machine shops in the GTA and keeps labour in-house and local. The long-standing decision to stay local has helped solidify the manufacturer’s already strong customer relationships. One way to ensure quality customer service, Campion notes, is to be involved in the entire process, including assisting in the design process and identifying cost savings.

Campion expects his company to enjoy significant growth over the coming years, but mold making requires all components to be machined to close tolerances, meaning investing in the latest techniques and innovations in manufacturing is critical to remaining competitive in the marketplace.

Although Bridgenorth Molds RB Manufacturing Inc. has demonstrated the viability of their technology, even successful companies have obstacles to navigate. It is costly business, Campion says, to purchase top design software and CNC programming that is needed to keep up with the demand.

Last year, when the company considered financial support, they turned to Community Futures Peterborough and applied for funding through the organization’s Eastern Ontario Development Program, specifically for CNC technology for mold applications.

The investment helped Bridgenorth Molds RB Manufacturing Inc. purchase two new machines and train their machinists on how to use the equipment, eliminating the need to utilize vendors outside of Peterborough.

Campion says the support from Community Futures Peterborough was fundamental to decreasing lead time when delivering a high-quality product on-time, increasing the company’s current level of employment, decreasing costs and increasing revenue, as well as strengthening its customer base.

“The purchase of new machines led to more opportunities for Bridgenorth Molds, allowing the company to be more competitive and bid on more projects. This will eventually lead to the need for more full-time employees and enable the continuing stability of our company.”

And, the timing to reinvest in your business couldn’t have come at a better time. Bridgenorth Molds RB Manufacturing Inc. recently moved to a larger facility in Cavan-Monaghan — a 5,000-square-feet increase — to allow for an expansion of its automation equipment, molds and machining services for customers.


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