Full Tilt Cycle brings unique fitness experience to Peterborough

Full Tilt Cycle isn’t your average spin class. Imagine low lights, dance beats, and a room buzzing with high energy. It’s a vision of something fresh to Peterborough’s fitness scene.

The first of its kind in the region, Full Tilt Cycle is a boutique cycling studio that targets the cycling community and fitness-minded individuals using the allure of revolutionary, innovative equipment called the RealRyder® Indoor Cycling bike.

While the RealRyder® bike may mimic the look of a stationary bike with its base secured, the articulating frame tilts and turns like a real road bike, while providing a joint friendly total body workout that burns up to 20% more calories than a stationary bike.

The studio also offers a variety of high intensity cardio and muscle-sculpting strength training to help strengthen your core as part of their class offerings.    

After experiencing the RealRyder® bike firsthand in Toronto, owners Erin Marshall and Sadie Cavanagh, who are both fitness enthusiasts, knew they had to bring it to Peterborough. Their hope was to offer an additional or alternative cycling option, previously unavailable in the area, by offering a unique, personalized experience with bikes, coupled with high intensity cardio and training, that cannot currently be found in other gyms in Peterborough.

In December 2017, the two entrepreneurs opened their 2,000-square foot location at 188 Hunter Street. The studio features 20 RealRyder® bikes, a variety of body weight and resistance training classes, along with change and shower facilities.

The smaller facility offers less of an intimidating environment than a larger chain gym. Classes are available seven days a week and are friendly to all fitness levels, as each rider is in control of their own bike and can take breaks or scale back when needed. 

But what makes this boutique fitness studio unique isn’t just its revolutionary new bikes or its focus on core strengthening, it’s the dedication to their customers.

“A tribe-like culture has developed at Full Tilt with all of us completely addicted to the rush we experience while cycling there,” says Devon Girard, an avid member of Full Tilt Cycle. “The studio has created a space for people to go and be motivated by one another and to experience the pure bliss of a high-performing workout.”

Community Futures Support

Prior to launching Full Tilt Cycle, Erin and Sadie spent a considerable amount of time doing research to create a pricing structure, marketing initiatives, and a viable business plan before approaching Community Futures Peterborough for funding. Community Futures was able to work with them to provide the financing needed to move forward with their venture.

The funding was instrumental in expanding their business and preparing for future growth. The fitness studio has created 15 part-time jobs, including instructors and administrative staff, and has drawn clients from all across the City and County of Peterborough. Local businesses have also benefited as it has created additional customers during non-peak hours and increased activity in the neighbourhood.

“Community Futures helped us quickly and efficiently get our capital to start our business. We were treated fairly and with respect. As female entrepreneurs, we quickly learned that is not always the case,” says Erin.

“Community Futures has invited us to multiple educational and networking events that we wouldn’t have known about otherwise,” adds Sadie. “A huge advantage is that we know they are just a phone call away when we have questions as we scale our business to the next level. We aren’t just a number with Community Futures. We feel valued and have developed a trust with them. They truly want Full Tilt Cycle to succeed.”

The fitness studio has been well received in the community. Full Tilt Cycle was a finalist in the 2018 Bear’s Lair competition and been a catalyst in women’s healthcare in the area. There is a plan for the future including opening a second location in three to five years.  

Overall, Full Tilt Cycle has a positive outlook and with a lot of hard work and venturing into other aspects of business, they have a lot to look forward to in the years to come and are excited to see what the future brings for their business.

Community Futures Peterborough is proud of the hard work that Full Tilt Cycle has displayed and wishes them continued success with their business.


Learn more about Full Tilt Cycle:

Visit:  www.fulltiltcycle.com

Twitter: www.twitter.com/FullTiltCycle

Facebook: www.facebook.com/fulltiltcyclepeterborough

Instagram: www.instagram.com/fulltiltcyclepeterborough

Phone: (705) 748-2829