EODP Guidelines

Please note that we are not accepting applications at this time. The next round of funding will be announced January 2017.

Community Innovation (CI)

Community Innovation support strategic community-led economic development that will enhance and diversify local economies. Eligible activities are projects that will expand economic assets.

Projects may include but are not limited to:

  • Industry cluster development and expansion
  • Labour market development – skills development, skills gap analysis, worker transition
  • Strategic planning and research studies
  • Community‐based economic development projects

Business Development (BD)

Business Development supports projects to stimulate business development opportunities within that lead to the growth of new and existing businesses.

Projects may include but are not limited to:

  • Business Transition, Succession Planning Initiatives
  • Productivity Enhancements (Lean SixSigma, information and communication technologies; new technologies; productivity assessments)
  • Market Diversification (new product line; export outside Ontario; new demographic)
  • Innovation or Product Development e.g. research and development, commercialization of new technologies
  • Certifications including but not limited to: ISO, CE,UL,CSA,EPA,ANSI

Eligible Recipients:

  • Not for profit organizations including municipalities and municipal organizations, corporations, community economic development organizations
  • Commercial enterprises including individuals, corporations, partnerships, cooperatives, or trusts
  • Aboriginal organizations
  • Post-secondary institutions

Maximum Contributions

Funding contributions to all Eligible Project Recipients, either For Profit or Non Profit, will be non-repayable contributions, up to 50% of total Eligible Costs, of the approved funding amount, to a maximum of $100,000 per Eligible Project Recipient.

A cash contribution of 50% is mandatory for all projects.

Eligible Costs May Include:

  • Labour: salaries, wages and employer expenses
  • Expertise: consultant* and other professional services. Consultants must operate at arm’s length of the Eligible Recipient and should be experienced, professional and recognized as providing high quality work
  • Non-Capital expenses
  • Capital: equipment

Ineligible Costs:

  • Basic website development
  • Bonuses, Director fees or honoraria
  • Construction or renovations
  • Cost of land
  • Depreciation on fixed assets
  • Entertainment expenses
  • Fines or penalties
  • HST
  • Lobbying fees
  • Meals and accommodation costs
  • Ongoing core operational expenses
  • Purchase of motor vehicles
  • Salaries or wages to family members of employees

Costs incurred prior to the eligibility date will not be supported. Costs that are deemed unreasonable or not incremental or not directly related to the eligible project activities

Application Process:

Complete and sign the application form. For quality assurance purposes, and to be sure we receive complete applications, mail or deliver to:

Peterborough Community Futures Development Corporation
351 Charlotte Street
Peterborough, ON K9J 2W1



Any questions or concerns regarding the application process should be directed to:
Patricia Peeling
Phone: 705-745-5434