Community Futures Assisted 130 Small Business Clients To Create 262 Jobs


Dan Stanford, Chair of the Board of Directors for the Greater Peterborough Business Development Centre, Inc. (operating as Community Futures Peterborough) reported a strong year of performance at their annual general meeting today. “Last year the Board of Directors invested $2,006,602 in loans to help small businesses create jobs. This brings the cumulative total of jobs Community Futures loan clients have maintained or added to their workforce to 3344 over the past 30 years” said Stanford.

For the period ending March 31, 2015, Community Futures Peterborough provided financial or advisory support to:

  • 40 new businesses
  •  90 existing businesses

These 130 small businesses created 262 jobs within Peterborough County. The Corporation received $811,785 in government funding to support those companies, resulting in an average cost per new job of $3098.

For the period ending March 31, 2015, Community Futures Peterborough disbursed:

  • $2,006,602 in secured term loans through the Community Futures Program
  • $451,100 in non-repayable contributions through the Eastern Ontario Development Program

“Community Futures was a great resource for us to not only fund our startup but also offered a wealth of contacts and services that helped us succeed with our new company” said  client Alex Bushell of Lab Improvements, “here we are, 9 months later with 4 employees…”

The total value of the Investment Fund as of March 31, 2015 was $7,572,161 which has grown by 389% since incorporation in 1985. Community Futures does not receive government funding to grow this fund. The investment fund has grown due to the financial health of the 672 small businesses that have been supported by Community Futures Peterborough over 30 years. Their repayments are continuously reinvested into other small businesses in Peterborough County.

About Community Futures Peterborough

For 30 years, Community Futures staff and volunteer Board of Directors have been tailoring flexible financing solutions to each small business – from startup through to expansion, loans are available up to $250,000.


For media inquiries, please contact:

Tonya Kraan, General Manager:  705-745-5434

Noble Purification Logo

Community Futures Client – Noble Purification Open House Featured On CHEX TV

Entrepreneur Adam Noble held an open house  to unveil Noble Purification’s new bio filtration facility.  

The Peterborough CFDC was there along with dozens of others to celebrate their successes. Noble Purification received an Eastern Ontario Development Program  $100,000 non-repayable grant to help offset the cost of purchasing some of the equipment.

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PCFDC Board of Directors 2014-15

AGM – September 22

Join us as we celebrate 30 years of investing in Peterborough. 


To date, we’ve invested close to $27,000,000 in local small businesses – help us reach $30,000,000 in our 30th year! CFDC staff and volunteers do great work in the community – learn more at our AGM on September 22nd.  

You will hear from Economic Development professionals and businesses throughout the City and County of Peterborough as to how our volunteer Board of Directors and staff have assisted 700+ business start or grow.

We’ll share examples of partnerships where the CFDC has worked with banks, credit unions, BDC, FedDev and others to get the financing small business needed to thrive.

Harley Farms shop-sign

Community Futures Client – Harley Farms Featured In The Toronto Star

There is a 180-year-old wooden barn on Roger Harley’s farm. But no animals live inside it.

“The only thing we use it for is storage and a kind of collecting yard,” he says. “Our animals live outside, 365 days a year, the way nature intended. They all have shelter outside.”

Harley’s 400-hectare farm, two hours northeast of Toronto near Peterborough, provides a viable alternative to industrial farms — financially and practically. He figures he makes as much per acre as an industrial farmer. But for animals, it provides something the industrial model does not: a good life.

His pigs don’t spend their lives in small, solitary steel cages. They live in families, on acre-large (0.4-hectare) lots, where they can root and wallow in the mud, and raise their young.

“That’s the sound of a contented pig,” says Harley, listening to a sow grunting and chasing after her piglets.

“They don’t have sweat glands, so when they get hot they dig a hole and wallow. Imagine how frustrating it is if all you want to do all day is wallow, and you are stuck on a concrete floor.”

While most industrial farmers pick breeds for weight gain, Harley searched for hardiness. He raises 130 Belted Galloway cattle, 700 Tamworth pigs and 850 Wiltshire Horned sheep, which all can withstand the cold.

He does no mutilations, besides boar castrations performed with anesthetic, and no artificial insemination. His animals make babies the old-fashioned way.

“We don’t put the animals on antibiotics unless they need treatment, but we haven’t needed that for about two years,” says Harley, 56. “We find because they are stress-free, they don’t get sick.”

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Butter Tarts - Peterborough & The Kawarthas

Community Futures Client – Doo Doo’s Butter Tarts Featured in The Star

The great Canadian butter tart debate doesn’t usually extend beyond the merits of plain versus raisin versus nuts.

Barb Rowlandson, the staunchest of butter tart aficionados, decided to throw the word “freestyle” at bakers in this year’s Ontario’s Best Butter Tart Festival and Contest.

Professional bakers obliged with the likes of pumpkin, maple cheddar bacon, French truffle, eggnog, Nutella raspberry, cheesecake salted caramel, and peanut butter and jam.

Diane Rogers from Doo Doo’s bakery in Bailieboro won in 2014 and again in 2015, this time for her Pumpkin Tarts.

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Community Futures National Conference – 35 Years Of Business Lending Success Stories

What started with action 35 years ago has, bit by bit, created a movement. It’s like a moving wave that carries with it our essential values.

The future of our communities is directly correlated with the aspirations of the people who inhabit them. Those aspirations lead them to unleash their creative potential, excel, take action and think big. Our movement has been driven, and will continue to be driven, by these people and the qualities they posses.

Proud of our development culture, let’s showcase our accomplishments:


Canada 150 Community Infrastructure Program

The Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario (FedDev Ontario) is now accepting applications for the new Canada 150 Community Infrastructure Program. The program supports the rehabilitation, renovation and expansion of existing community infrastructure, with the aim of creating a lasting legacy for the future as Canada celebrates its 150th anniversary. More than $44 million is available for projects in southern Ontario.

Examples of eligible projects include improving accessibility to a community centre, repairing a museum’s roof, expanding a gymnasium, or extending a trail or bike path. The construction of new infrastructure, temporary installations, moveable equipment or infrastructure expansions of more than 50 percent in size are ineligible.

Eligible applicants are encouraged to submit their application using the online form. Applications must be submitted by 5:00 p.m. EDT on June 9, 2015. Please note applications submitted via email are not considered online applications.

For detailed program and application information, please visit

Sciens Industries Logo

Community Futures Client – Sciens Industries Featured In MP&P

Sciens Industries has been named a new supplier for the Boeing 777 through supply of high-precision machined components with deliveries to begin December, 2015. This multi-year contract is set to support production of the Boeing 777 landing gear.
Based in Peterborough, Ontario, Sciens Industries has experienced tremendous year after year growth. As a member of Peterborough’s burgeoning advanced manufacturing industry, Sciens has been positioning itself to take advantage of the Canadian/US dollar disparity by pursuing export into the US market. With the awarding of the contract, Sciens has vaulted forward as a production level manufacturer within the global aerospace industry.

Gerry Vandersanden, President of Sciens Industries, said, “It’s not about being the biggest, it’s about being the best. We have embraced our quality assurance programs to really ensure they are considered in every decision we make. This is what has allowed us to consistently put forth the best quality components possible and our growth is a byproduct of this commitment.”

Sciens Industries Inc. specializes in the manufacture of intricate and exacting build-to-print CNC machined parts and components for the Aerospace, Security & Defence, Oil & Gas, and Nuclear Energy industries. The privately held company was founded in 1997 in Peterborough, Ontario.

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