Starting a Business

Often when a business is looking to start, expand or re-locate, they look to a bank for a loan and may not be aware that there are other options. We offer businesses of the City and County of Peterborough an alternative to traditional lending. And it comes with the bonus of understanding, mentorship and support services.

Peterborough’s business community consists largely of small enterprises and start-ups, characteristic of many rural communities. Taking the leap to start a small business can be scary and overwhelming, but our team can help simplify the process and help you through every step. 

Getting a loan from Community Futures Peterborough is different than going to a bank. We take your character, your drive and desire, into consideration when deciding who is the right fit for our loan program. We are the only lender whose decisions are made by a board of directors, consisting of your peers. Local business people review your application and speak directly with you to ensure that they fully understand your vision.  

We want to help you succeed. Our goal is to help create prosperity and economic stability in the City and County of Peterborough and we understand the important role that business startups play. Many of the large enterprises in the region were started in garages and with one person’s vision. We will help you foster the potential of your idea and walk you through the steps to get the capital you require.  

Jewel Just Fine Wines 

When Jordan Hale was considering purchasing an existing small business, she turned to our team for assistance with a loan. We helped her modify her business plan, complete her loan application and prepare for her interview with the loan committee members. As a result, Jordan is now the proud owner of Jewel Just Fine Wines in Warsaw. She now enjoys being an entrepreneur and helping people from all around the region craft their own wine in a variety of flavours.  

We have a variety of types of small business loans available to our clients. These include: 

   General Business Loan

   Newcomer Loan

   Youth Loan

   Equipment Loan

   Micro Loan 

Application intake is on a continual basis. To view eligibility, details and to download a loan application, please visit:

Our team is here to help you succeed, please contact us today to start the process of becoming your own boss!

Board Recruitment

Community Futures Peterborough is a not-for-profit organization that stimulates economic development, diversity and employment opportunities throughout Peterborough County by providing an array of community and business development, counseling and lending services. We are committed to supporting the efforts of entrepreneurs and forward-thinking community leaders in building community wealth in diverse and innovative manners.

The board meets monthly every second last Tuesday from 8 am to 11 am.  There may be additional meetings for committee work.

Continuing to build on its successes, Community Futures Peterborough is currently seeking to fill Board vacancies. If you are interested in volunteering on a dynamic Board of Directors, are a resident or work in the City or County of Peterborough; have experience in two or more of 

  • board governance,
  • small business operations,
  • manufacturing,
  • research and development,
  • market development
  • finance/banking and/or
  • community economic development

and have a passion for nurturing prosperity in your community we invite you to forward an expression of interest with a résumé and references by March 24, 2017 to:

Board Recruitment
Community Futures Peterborough
351 Charlotte Street, Main Suite
Peterborough, ON K9J 2W1

Community Futures Board Member Expression of Interest Form

EODP – Helping Businesses, Helping the Community

Doing our jobs is made so much easier due to the fact that Peterborough has infinite possibilities for growth and development. Local businesses – small, medium and large – have the potential and resources to fulfill their missions and visions for the future, but sometimes they need a little help.  

We understand the challenges and hurdles that businesses can face on their way to reaching their goals. Our board members are local business people that listen to our clients in order to help them succeed. EODP is one of the programs that can give businesses and corporations the assistance that they might need to explore new innovation or expand their business.  

The Eastern Ontario Development Program (EODP) is a non-repayable contribution program that is offered in partnership through the Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario. For over 10 years, the program has been providing opportunities for economic development, small business growth, job creation and community innovation in order to foster the creation of a competitive and diversified economy.  To date, EODP has supported more than 7600 businesses in Southern Ontario with more than $80 Million… and that number continues to grow!

In Peterborough, our team has had the pleasure of working with individuals and corporations with the result of job growth, economic stability and a greater community offering. Examples of the success of this program can be seen through the recent accomplishments of the New Canadian Centre and the progressive steps that Compass Early Learning and Care are taking. 

New Canadian Centre
In November 2015 refugee resettlement became a priority not only for our government and country, but also for our community. Several private groups decided to sponsor refugees in our area and the New Canadian Centre staff, board and volunteers felt passionately about the need to support the initiative. But they needed to act fast.

Funding from EODP ($17,685) allowed them to hire three staff members to coordinate the refugee resettlement program for a number of months. This enabled them to respond quickly and provide the much needed support to the community and refugees who have already arrived. Because of this funding, they were able to prove that the community was ready and able to support refugee resettlement in our area and led to the Canadian Government naming Peterborough as a new destination for Government Assisted Refugees starting April 1, 2016. Although the EODP funding ended at the end of March 2016, from April on they were able to continue refugee resettlement through a new Refugee Resettlement Assistance Program with funding from the federal government. They were also able to keep the three staff they hired with the EODP funding (they are still employed with them today) and hired an additional three staff to support the program. The seed money from EODP made all of this possible. Receiving $17,685 in funding turned into full time employment for six people for over one year to date.  

“We are very thankful for the funding from EODP, which enabled us to lay the foundation of the Syrian refugee resettlement initiative in our community. The easy and fast application process and administration requirements for the program made the use of the funding transparent and easy to manage. The staff we worked with were helpful and supportive. Thank you for the opportunity. We are looking forward to working with you in the future”. – Hajni Hos, Executive Director, New Canadian Centre, Peterborough

Compass Early Learning and Care
In 2015, Compass Early Learning and Care (formerly Kawartha Child Care Services) applied for an EODP grant to rebrand, increase their marketing efforts, and to expand their employment base. Child care in the province of Ontario is undergoing a large number of modifications which will result in a need for more child care facilities and more trained staff. At Community Futures, we saw this as an opportunity to investing in the future of the region at the root.

Compass Early Learning and Care was successful in their application and received $85,000 in support for their program. They were able to expand their marketing message, reach a wider audience, create jobs, provide safe and educational child care spaces for more children, train more staff and expand their technology with the funds provided from the EODP grant.  

You can view the entire story regarding Compass’ funding approval in Peterborough This Week, please visit:

There are many other projects that have received funding including the research projects by NobleGen Inc., Trent University and PKA SoftTouch; as well as the Community Innovation projects including The Peterborough DBIA and Peterborough Economic Development.

For the full list of recent EODP program recipients, please visit:


Eligible Recipients:

•        Not for profit organizations including municipalities and municipal organizations, corporations, community economic development organizations

•        Commercial enterprises including individuals, corporations, partnerships, cooperatives, or trusts

•        Aboriginal organizations

•        Post-secondary institutions

 Maximum Contributions

Funding contributions to all Eligible Project Recipients, either For Profit or Non Profit, will be non-repayable contributions, up to 50% of total Eligible Costs, of the approved funding amount, to a maximum of $100,000 per Eligible Project Recipient.

A cash contribution of 50% is mandatory for all projects.

Eligible Costs May Include:

•        Labour: salaries, wages and employer expenses

•        Expertise: consultant* and other professional services. Consultants must operate at arm’s length of the Eligible Recipient and should be experienced, professional and recognized as providing high quality work

•        Non-Capital expenses

•        Capital: equipment 

All program guidelines and the application are available for download at:

We anticipate another year of strong applications, followed by exciting project outcomes that will result in job creation, community development and economic strength in our community.

Eastern Ontario Development Program Announcement

About EODP

The EODP is a program of the Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario and is being delivered in partnership with the 15 Community Futures Development Corporations in eastern Ontario.  The program supports rural eastern Ontario communities to pursue the creation of a competitive and diversified regional economy through investment in economic development, small business growth, job creation and community innovation. To date, more than $48 million has been invested through the EODP business and community development projects.

Community Innovation supports strategic community-led economic development projects that will enhance and diversify Peterborough’s economy.

 Business Development supports projects to stimulate business development opportunities within that lead to the growth of new and existing businesses within the City and County of Peterborough.

Primary consideration will be given to projects that will provide the following to Peterborough County:
Sustainable Long Term Job Creation, Innovation, Market Diversification, and Research & Development

Industry Sectors may include:
Clean technology & Water Quality, Agriculture and Agri-tourism, High Technology, Manufacturing, Health, Women Entrepreneurs, Indigenous, Youth, and Innovation

Download an application and funding guidelines at



EODP - Supported By The Government Of Canada

How Can We Help You?

Written by Kate Young

Community Futures Peterborough has been guiding small businesses through the highs and lows of business ownership – from start-up, to expansion, buying, selling and succession planning – for decades. Throughout those years, the desks have been occupied by a number of capable and community-minded staff members who have offered advice and guidance to clients who have sought direction along the journey of entrepreneurship and community development. As Community Futures Peterborough begins its next era of leadership under the newly appointed Executive Director, Jeff Day, the front line team continues to work hard to serve clients and the community.

Community Futures Peterborough is different from dealing with a Chartered bank since the loan decisions are made by volunteer board members who are local business owners who understand the challenges associated with starting, purchasing and expanding a business. Though having a solid business plan is of utmost importance, the team at Community futures understands that someone’s character and drive to succeed is also an important factor.


Patricia Peeling

As Community Futures Peterborough’s longest-standing employee, Pat has helped countless local businesses find success. Pat began working with the organization in 2001 and has held a number of positions since that time. Today, she is responsible for administering the Eastern Ontario Development Program (EODP), as well as bookkeeping and administration for the Community Futures building.

The EODP program has been supporting local companies and organizations as they expand their operations, for over 10 years. Managed by the Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario, it is delivered in partnership with the 15 Community Futures Development Corporations in eastern Ontario. The program supports rural eastern Ontario communities to pursue the creation of a competitive and diversified regional economy through investment in economic development, small business growth, job creation and community innovation. Pat is the front-line staff member for this program and offers advice to applicants as they navigate the submission process.

In her role, Pat sees some of the most innovative and creative ideas from our local businesses and community organizations. Being able to provide these businesses with support and financial assistance in the form of re-payable financing, non-repayable contributions and community economic development activities, makes her job enjoyable and rewarding.

When asked what advice Pat would give to someone looking to start or expand a business, she said:
“The road to success in any venture, besides a sustainable business plan, is professional support and mentorship. Listening and putting professional advice into action will improve your chances of success.”




Jeff Day has a Hopeful Vision for the Peterborough Business Community

Interview by Kate Young

When I sat down to meet with Jeff Day, the new Executive Director for Community Futures Peterborough, for the first time, I came prepared with a list of formal questions, and a vision of digging in and tackling some serious topics. After about 3 minutes, I threw my questions out, realizing that Jeff is a man who is easy to talk to, easy to relate to and who I found an easy, open rapport with. Following a conversation that was much longer than either of us expected, I walked away feeling that Peterborough’s business community is in for a pleasant surprise.

Jeff Day is a man with an impressive resume who has worked hard and made adjustments and sacrifices throughout life to get to where he is today.

Jeff started out in the tool and die industry, where he almost instantly got immersed into the business side at Ventra Plastics. It was a time when things moved very quickly and he was immediately responsible for a $15 Million tooling budget. It was an incredible experience, but it meant working in Detroit three days a week and 2 in Peterborough. Jeff worked his way through every stage of operations and eventually became the #2 man at the plant. In 2008 Jeff had a huge win for the company he was employed with, followed quickly by a disagreement based on clashing personalities which resulted in him being fired. So he moved on. He joined the Magna team and was there for about a year when Ventra called him and asked him to rejoin their team. He jumped at the opportunity to continue to build on his previous successes.

Jeff stayed with the company for about a year and a half, but continued to search out greater opportunities. His strong background in mechanics and operation had always been an asset, but he was finding that his lack of financial background was limiting his options, so he headed back to school to get a finance degree at the age of 45. At that time, a unique opportunity presented itself with Safran as a global mechanical estimator, a job he enjoyed for 5 years before the position moved back to their France location. Jeff went back to work with Magna, where he stayed for the last 6 months. He had heard that the position of Executive Director was becoming available at Community Futures Peterborough and he continued to monitor the progress of the hiring committee as he worked with them.

Though much of his work in recent years has taken him abroad, specifically Germany, Jeff always knew that he would return to his home, to work in the City of Peterborough. His strong connections to the community and his love of spending time with his family drove him to create a life that would eventually allow them to sit down to dinner together every night and regularly enjoy the many outdoor activities and sports they participate in together.

One of the key factors that became clear from my conversation with Jeff was his love for his family. His wife of 20 years, Susan, and three children, Danielle (25), Joseph (16) and Nicole (12), are obviously a great source of pride for him and they constantly motivate him to do better and create a better place for them to grow up.

When I asked Jeff what was the driving factor that led him to apply for the Executive Director position at Community Futures Peterborough, he simply answered that he wants to give hope. Intrigued, I asked for an explanation. At this point, Jeff’s character and passion for his family and the future of Peterborough shone through. He explained that he was tired of seeing the youth in our region leave, either through choice or by lack of other options, to find employment in other parts of the world. He wants them to have the option to stay and be gainfully employed in the Peterborough region again. He wants his kids, and their kids to be able to fulfill their dreams without having to move to Toronto, or across the country, or the world. Jeff feels that Peterborough is ready to return to the glory days of the 70’s and early 80’s, when jobs for all types of workers, in many different sectors were available, paid well and provided a healthy lifestyle for residents. He’s watched the workforce change its face entirely over the years and though it is a great place to live, a great place to travel to and a great place to retire, that is not why his family moved to the region in 1974. They came for the opportunities.

Jeff wants the next generations to understand that, in order to survive in today’s working world, they need to be more innovative, they need to be more creative and the simple production worker job may not be there. He also wants to inspire experienced business people to become entrepreneurs, and give people hope in following their passion.

Which led to the obvious questions… How are you planning to accomplish this?

To start, Jeff plans to listen and learn. He’ll be spending some time getting to know the business of Community Futures, their clients and partners. He’ll be making his way out into the community to meet with community organizations, businesses and leaders in the region. He plans to strengthen existing relationships and build new partnerships with the organizations that can help fulfill the mission of Community Futures. But that’s just the beginning. He’s doing the ground work to develop a plan to build a stronger future for youth, entrepreneurs and community builders in Peterborough. We’ll let Jeff get settled into the Executive Directors chair before we ask him for a full plan but he promises to outline his direction for the future in a subsequent article.

He firmly believes in the value of purchasing domestically and that Canadians choosing to buy Canadian products and choosing to partner with existing Canadian businesses could help to save the economy. He very rarely shops at big box stores and chooses locally owned whenever possible.

He did state that he is not arrogant enough to believe that he can do this alone. He wants to put a few bricks in the foundation and hopes that other people will choose to do the same.

Jeff promises to make himself available to the members of the community. He recognizes the importance and the impact that one person with a vision can have on a community and his door is open.

Quick Facts:
What are your top personal accomplishments?
1 – I’m very proud of my family, 20 years of marriage and my three children.
2 – I have worked for a wide variety of companies in a wide variety of positions and have always had Peterborough as my home-base.
3 – Being a coach to my kids soccer teams, one at rep level, one at city level. It doesn’t matter how bad a day I am having, being a coach makes it better. Spending time with my kids and being a part of the community in this way is invaluable.
4 – Our whole family is very outdoor orientated. The lessons that we learn while climbing caves and hiking, etc, have added a great deal of happiness to our lives.
5 – My family sits down to dinner together every single night.

What are your top professional accomplishments?
1 – Evolving from a skilled trade and moving up through several layers of executive positions.
2 – In 2007, another gentleman and I worked to negotiate a plan that resulted in millions of dollars worth of business for a local company that would likely be obsolete today without that deal.
3 – I had the opportunity to work in Japan on a long-term contract that resulted in millions of dollars worth of savings for the company I was working for.
4 – I had a hand in helping many companies become more efficient and improve their practices.

What do you drive?
Jeep Rubicon, a Ford Expedition and an Acura that was built in Illinois (he checked the door to make sure prior to purchase).

Cats or Dogs?
Dogs, if I have to choose. Cats with personality are pretty cool too.

Coffee or Tea?
Coffee during the day, tea in the evening… I like my herbal tea.

Favourite Sport?
To play: soccer. To watch: hockey

Favourite Team?
Leafs, nationally, Pete’s, locally.

In which year did you become a Jay’s Fan?
1988 – The glory days. I can name the entire team from that year.

Favourite destination to travel to for pleasure?
Fiji or New Zealand.

Cold or warm weather?
Both! I ski, snowboard and snowshoe, waterski, camp and hike. Doesn’t matter as long as I’m outside.

Favourite Author?
James Patterson, I’ve read everything he’s written.

Favourite Movie?
Forrest Gump, I’ve seen it about 30 times. I love the music. I still play the soundtrack.

Where did you go to school?
Chemong Public school, TASS and then Durham College. Athabasca University later in life.

Final Thoughts?
I am very excited about this new chapter. I am heading in a completely different direction for a completely selfless reason. I am really fortunate to have been given a position that will allow me to contribute to the success of a community that I love.


Jeff Day appointed as Executive Director of Community Futures Peterborough

September 13, 2016

Jeff Day appointed as Executive Director of Community Futures Peterborough

On behalf of the Board of Directors, Community Futures Peterborough, Chair Kim Appleton is pleased to announce the appointment of Jeff Day as the organization’s Executive Director, effective October 3, 2016.

Jeff has extensive business development experience in both the automotive and aerospace sectors, and started from the ground up as a tool and die-maker. His most recent position was as a global business turn-around specialist.

Jeff’s appointment is the result of an extensive search and hiring process the Board’s recruitment committee conducted in the spring and summer. The Board felt Jeff’s broad experience, mindset and business acumen would be assets to the Executive Director role.

“The Board and I are really looking forward to the new vision and energy Jeff will bring to our organization,” says Appleton. “His outgoing personality and easy nature will provide our staff with a great atmosphere in which to thrive, and it won’t be long before Jeff has assimilated himself into the local economic development community.”

jeff-day-smJeff also has deep roots in, and a strong commitment to, the local community. He has been a resident of Peterborough County since his family moved here when he was a young boy. He has volunteered as a youth soccer and hockey coach and ski instructor. Jeff is married to Susan, a health professional, and has three children.

Jeff’s proven experience as a team builder and leader complement his nature to challenge the status quo.

“Jeff’s natural curiosity about businesses, their successes and their challenges, combined with his understanding of global business development and best practices in a multitude of areas, will be a great asset to supporting more and better job growth opportunities for Peterborough County,” Appleton says.

Jeff is equally excited about his new role and the potential for growth in Peterborough and area.

“Although my career over the past 30 years has been with large corporate businesses, my position has always been focused on individual production programs which are all similar in structure to a small business,” Jeff says. “Working globally in the automotive and aerospace sectors has given me exposure to a broad range of visions and best business practices that I’m confident can be applied on a smaller scale to the future development of Peterborough County.”

jeff-day-cfp-smJeff also brings a vision and desire to improve youth employment and increase economic opportunities for future generations.

“For far too long, I’ve watched local students leave Peterborough in search of stable work or suitable careers – my oldest daughter being one of them,” Jeff explains. “Accepting this position provides me with the opportunity to give back to the community some of what it has provided me over the past 42 years and to help develop our local economy at the same time.”

In his position as Executive Director, Jeff will supervise three staff and work with the 15-member

Board, all of whom are local business owners and professionals.

The position of General Manager was previously held from May 2014 to April 2016 by Tonya Kraan, who left to start her own consulting firm STREXER Business Development. Judy Heffernan previously led the organization as General Manager for 17 years, until she passed away on July 25, 2013 from a sudden brain cancer diagnosis.

Community Futures Peterborough is a not-for-profit organization funded through the Federal government. It was established in 1985 with a mandate to administer a community loan fund in support of small and medium-sized businesses. Community Futures Peterborough promotes economic growth and diversification that creates and maintains jobs in the City and County of Peterborough. Since its inception it has disbursed loans totalling $26,004,390 to 672 small businesses, helping them create and maintain 3,344 jobs.

– 30 –

For further information and interviews related to this release:
Kim Appleton
Chair, Board of Directors,
Community Futures Peterborough (CFP)
705-750-0476 x71

Image attachments

Picture of The Honourable Chrystia Freeland

Application for ICCI 2017

As part of our government’s trade and investment agenda, we are committed to support Canadian communities looking to attract job-creating foreign investment to their regions. I am therefore pleased to announce that the Invest Canada – Community Initiative (ICCI) program is accepting applications for 2017 as of today, September 6, 2016.

ICCI provides financial support to communities for foreign direct investment initiatives and activities which create economic prosperity here at home. ICCI is one of the pillars of the Global Markets Support Program (GMSP). Other pillars of the GMSP support Canadian exporters, associations and innovators.

Please find further application details below, and do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions. Let’s join forces in showcasing Canada’s advantages to international investors.


The Honourable Chrystia Freeland
Minister of International Trade


  • As of today, September 6, 2016, the Invest Canada-Community Initiatives (ICCI) component of the Global Markets Support Program is accepting applications from Canadian communities seeking financial support for their foreign direct investment initiatives for 2017.
  • Applications must be submitted before 15:00 (Eastern Daylight Time), on Friday, October 14, 2016. Communities must submit the final draft of their application by the deadline to be considered for funding. Incomplete applications will be rejected. Applications submitted after the deadline will be rejected. We would like to remind you that only one submission is allowed per applicant.
  • Communities and organizations having submitted a funding request will be informed of the results of the adjudication process around mid-December. Should there be any delays in announcing the results, recipients will be given at least 12 months to undertake and complete their projects.


  • We invite you to visit our website for more information on program eligibility.
  • In order to assist you with the preparation of your application, ICCI program management will be holding tutorial webinars on September 15th, 2016 in both official languages. The English tutorial will take place at 13:30 EDT. The French tutorial will take place at 10:30 EDT. We expect the tutorial to last about one hour. For more information about the webinar, please consult the ICCI website.


  • Please read the How to Submit an Application for Funding page from the ICCI website in order to familiarize yourself with the application process.
  • In order to apply for 2017 funding, you are required to register to the Partners@International Portal at the following link. Once registered, it may take up to 2 business days for you to be able to log in to your new account for the first time.
  • You will only be able to access the ICCI Application Form once you have (1) registered on the Portal, (2) uploaded the letter of incorporation/proof of legal status of your organisation, and (3) downloaded the PDF application form from the Partners@International Portal. The deadline to submit your application is October 14, 2016.

The only way to submit an application is through the Partners@International portal. Mailed, emailed or faxed applications will not be accepted.

picture of The Honourable Chrystia Freeland

Soumission de demandes ICIC pour 2017

Dans le cadre du programme de notre gouvernement en matière de commerce et d’investissement, nous tenons à soutenir les collectivités canadiennes qui cherchent à attirer des investissements étrangers qui créent des emplois dans leurs régions.  Il me fait donc plaisir d’annoncer que le programme Investissement Canada – Initiatives des communautés (ICIC) accepte les demandes de financement pour l’année 2017 à compter d’aujourd’hui le 6 septembre 2016.

ICIC offre un soutien financier aux collectivités pour leurs initiatives et activités liées à l’attraction d’investissements directs étrangers qui contribuent à la prospérité économique au pays. ICIC est l’une des composantes du programme de soutien aux marchés mondiaux (PSMM). Les autres composantes du PSMM appuient également les exportateurs, les associations et les sociétés innovatrices.

Veuillez trouver plus de détails sur le processus d’application ci-dessous, et n’hésitez pas à nous contacter si vous avez des questions. Travaillons ensemble afin de promouvoir les avantages du Canada auprès des investisseurs internationaux.


L’honorable Chrystia Freeland
Ministre du Commerce international


  • À partir d’aujourd’hui, le 6 septembre 2016 le programme Investissement Canada – Initiatives des communautés (ICIC), une composante du Programme de soutien aux marchés mondiaux, accepte des applications provenant des collectivités canadiennes qui cherchent un soutien financier pour leurs projets d’investissement direct étranger pour 2017.
  • La date limite de présentation des demandes de financement est le vendredi 14 octobre 2016 à 15h00 (heure avancée de l’est). Seules les demandes complètes reçues avant la date limite seront prises en considération. Toute demande   incomplète sera refusée. Toute demande reçue après la date limite sera refusée. Veuillez noter qu’une seule demande par requérant sera acceptée.
  • Les communautés et organisations ayant soumis des demandes de financement seront avisées des résultats du processus d’adjudication vers la mi-décembre. En cas de délais dans l’annonce des résultats, les bénéficiaires disposeront d’au moins 12 mois pour entreprendre et compléter leurs projets.


  • Nous vous invitons à consulter notre site Web pour trouver plus de renseignements sur les critères d’admissibilité.
  • Afin de vous aider à préparer votre demande, la gestion du programme ICIC présentera des tutoriels sous forme de webinaires le 15 septembre 2016, dans les deux langues officielles. Le tutoriel en français aura lieu à 10h30 HAE. Le tutoriel en anglais débutera à 13h30 HAE. Le tutoriel devrait durer environ une heure. Pour de plus amples renseignements à propos du webinaire, veuillez consulter le site Web ICIC.


  • Veuillez lire attentivement la page Comment présenter une demande du site Web afin de vous familiariser avec le processus de demande.
  • Afin de soumettre une demande de financement pour 2017, vous devez inscrire votre organisation au portail Partenaires@International au lien suivant. Une fois inscrit, cela peut prendre jusqu’à deux jours avant que vous puissiez accéder pour la première fois à votre nouveau compte.
  • Vous ne pourrez accéder au formulaire de demande d’ICIC que lorsque (1) vous vous serez inscrit au portail; (2) vous aurez téléchargé la lettre d’incorporation ou la preuve de statut juridique de votre organisation; (3) vous aurez téléchargé le formulaire en format PDF du portail Partenaires@International. La date limite pour soumettre votre demande est le 14 octobre 2016.
  • La seule façon de présenter une demande est via le portail Partenaires@International. Les demandes transmises par la poste, par courriel ou par télécopieur ne seront pas acceptées.

New Board

Community Futures Peterborough is pleased to announce new directors elected to its Board. At the Annual General Meeting Kim Appleton was elected Chair of the Board. Kim replaced Dan Stanford who had held the position for the past two years and was leaving the Board after completing 10 years of service.

Kim Appleton is the President, CAO and a founding partner of Emmatt Digital Solutions Inc., an international, full-service web development agency. Since 1998, Emmatt has been assisting businesses to be more efficient and profitable through the adoption of leading-edge technologies such as online databases, e-commerce and fundraising platforms, responsive web design, mobile apps, and search engine optimization. Kim is a Past President of the Women’s Business Network of Peterborough.

Kim said “I very am pleased to accept this honour, Community Futures plays a very important role in helping small business within Peterborough County and City, we want to continue and indeed broaden our base by lending money to support growth and expansion. All of which generates jobs and creates an improved economy”. She complimented the previous Boards for their work that had been done and said “I am looking forward to continue working with our Board and staff to serve the entrepreneurs of our community”.