Hard Winter Bread Company

Community Futures funding helped Lakefield bakery expand

Hard Winter Bread Company, a wood-fired sourdough bakery in Lakefield owned by Jessica Arsenault and Graham Thoem, found demand for their handmade baked goods, including their popular Montreal-style bagels, grew quickly beyond their expectations.

They applied for and received matching funding through the Community Futures Eastern Ontario Development Program (EODP) to help them hire additional staff and build a new wood-fired oven. 

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Photo Credit: Sarah Frank / MyKawartha

WMI Sports

Peterborough man turns his last $200 into a million-dollar business after he was laid off

Evan Henshaw, owner of WidowMaker Industries, says he didn’t consider failure when he spent the last of his cash

Mr. Henshaw credits part of his success to his young and somewhat naive take on the business world. When he’d bought those first morale patches to sell, he says he wasn’t worried about navigating the red tape that comes along with starting a business.

And he wasn’t worried about what would happen if he failed.

“I kind of winged it,” he says. “I had nothing left to lose.”

With each small success, he says he just looked for an opportunity to keep growing.

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Canadian Distribution Channel

Canadian Distribution Channel


Canadian Distribution Channel (CDC Inc.) is an innovative, craft beverage company, which has been in business for 18 years.

CDC Inc. utilizes Ontario grown ingredients to create alcoholic and non-alcoholic, award winning beverages. The Mashky Yogurt Soda is the number 1 brand of yogurt soda in North America with 85% of the market share. 

In 2013  over 2,150,000 litres of Ontario milk were used in production, as well as other locally grown ingredients such as potatoes; apples, herbs, spoiled wine and beer, which CDC extracts the alcohol content. The Persian Empire Spirits line has 36 different products, including vodka, rum, pomegranate liqueur and gin. Continue reading

Crowe River Studios logo

Crowe River Studios


Crowe River Studios is located near Havelock. The Studios function as both a private artists’ studio and evolving production space supporting local entrepreneurship, including a new multimedia-design startup Better Creative.

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Noble Purification Logo

Noble Purification

Noble Purification Inc. has invented a Euglena Bio Filtration System to absorb minerals, heavy metals and excessive nutrients (such as phosphorous) from wastewater. This system recreates an algae bloom and harnesses Euglena’s capabilities to create a cleaner, controlled way of removing nutrients or contaminates and avoiding their release back into the environment. Continue reading

GCC logo

Green Communities Canada

Green Communities Canada (GCC) is a national association of local organizations that share a vision of a green and healthy future for all. GCC and its member organizations work together to improve the health of our communities, conserve resources for future generations, and reduce pollution. Continue reading


I Watch Animal Resort

Susan Wakeford, owner of I Watch Animal Resort, has been serving Peterborough and the surrounding community for over twenty years. The Animal Resort allows for a home and pet service on a continual basis while pet owners are away. Pets may be left in their own home environment or at the new boarding facility. I Watch Animal Resort provides an all inclusive service tailored to the needs of the pet. The cage free facility has accommodation for eighteen dogs, including two master suites, complete with furnishings and television. The four cat rooms each have a window, cat perch and scratching posts and a chair for relaxation. 

Website: www.iwatchhouseandpetsitting.com